About Us

In the early 80’s some sincere and practising Muslims of Manchester who had a great enthusiasm for implementing the true ‘deen’ based on the real monotheism (tawheed) of Allah (SWT) and the most perfect and authentic traditions of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), started to get together on the basis of their common interest and religious thought. Their major concern was to avoid the rapidly growing innovations and practices which promoted shirk-o-bidaat in the Muslim community of Manchester. Initially, they started monthly study circles in the form of Dars-e-Qu’ran to enhance their knowledge of pure Islamic teaching and prophetic guidance.

The dynamic and charismatic religious leadership of Sheikh Mahmood Ahmed Mirpuri, one of the early graduates of Al-Madina University and a prominent and renowned student of Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz and Sheikh Mohammad Nasiruddin Al-Bani, used to travel from Birmingham and participate in these small congregations of the lovers of tawheed and sunnah. He delivered enthusiastic speeches which encouraged and motivated these Muslims into making the decision to establish an Islamic religious studies centre in Manchester with a quintessential objective of delivering the pure monotheistic message of Islam by following directly the way of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as it was followed by our predecessors (salaf), the three generations, that is, the companions of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), their followers and the followers of the followers. Hence the seeds of MAKKI MASJID were planted in the hearts and minds of these Muslims of Manchester.

A fund was established during these early meetings to purchase a suitable property. By the will of Allah (SWT), in 1987, 125 Beresford Road in Longsight, the present premises of Makki Masjid, which was a derelict industrial unit previously used for meat storage, was purchased for £30,000. After essential structural modifications and renovations, the masjid was inaugurated by the Honourable Imam of Masjid-al-Haram, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah bin Sabeel, on 10th Safar 1410H (12th September 1989).

In 2001, the adjacent property, 127 Beresford Road was purchased and the masjid was extended and a womens prayer area was established. With the grace of Allah (SWT), a third property, 129 Beresford Road was purchased in September 2007 for a sum of £220,000, with a view to construct an expanded purpose built masjid and religious studies centre suitable for the changing and growing needs of the Muslim community of Manchester.

Makki Masjid has embarked on an ambitious and visionary expansion project. The planning permission has been obtained from Manchester City Council and insha’Allah as soon the necessary funds are obtained, the expansion project will commence.